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Manhattan Yacht Club Trophy

Saturday 2 February 2019
In 2002 the Manhattan Yacht Club dedicated a trophy to the British Virgin Islands sailing community.  For several years it became a team challenge between the Royals and the Loyals...

...until in 2016 when we were delighted to add another team to the mix and compete against the MYC for their own trophy!

Roll of Honour:
Year Winning Club Winning Boat, skipper
2003 West End Yacht Club
2008 Royal BVI Yacht Club
2009 Royal BVI Yacht Club
2010 West End Yacht Club Grey Ghost
2011 Royal BVI Yacht Club Lime, Colin Rathbun
2012 Royal BVI Yacht Club
2013 Royal BVI Yacht Club Black Pearl, Colin Rathbun
2016 Royal BVI Yacht Club Pipe Dream, Chris Haycraft
2017 Royal BVI Yacht Club Black Pearl, Eddie Brockbank
2018 West End Yacht Club
2019 Manhattan Yacht Club
It was a perfect BVI sailing day on Saturday 3 February as 13 BVI sailors from the Royal BVI Yacht Club and the West End Yacht Club joined the Manhattan Yacht Club teams to compete for the 2018 Manhattan Yacht Club Trophy

The RBVIYC and the WEYC would like to thank everyone who joined this year’s flotilla and all those who were involved in the Manhattan Yacht Club fundraising activities.  Commodore Fortenbaugh stunned the crowd at the prize giving when he announced the club had raised $15,000 for the BVI which has been divided across various projects on the islands, including BVI Youth Sailing and Virgin Islands Search and Rescue.